Ex ungue leonem

Here are some achievements described succintly and that have been noticed when they have appeared. Only those that consist of an improvement in computer or mathematics domains are cited.

1) Mac II : powerfull macrogenerator 1969-1970. Based on the works of Poole and Waite: FLUB (First Language Under Bootstrap) and STAGE2. That have allowed to write other softwares like for instance (a parameterized report generator).

2) NEWKAC (1972?) Solution of non linear systems. Linear systems have been resolved since Gauss, However, in early 70's to my knowledge, nobody had resolved non linear systems in particular cases where the Jacobian was null, during the process (it is the case of the "banana sharp valley") and especially if the Jacobian was null at the solution. I have resolved this problem using an auto adaptative polyalgorithm (pompous term but in fashion at that time!). Effectively, it was the Newton method that was used to solve such systems (intersection of hyperplanes) but when the Jacobian is null, the solution point was going to infinite. To compensate this disadvantage, (it just required some thinking) I have had the idea to use in this case the Kacmarz method (projection of the point on all the hyperplanes) the consequence was to move the point but it stayed in the neighbourhood and we continue with the Newton method as long as the Jacobian is not null and so on until we find the solution. That has the effect of converging towards the solution and to find the solution even in the case where the Jacobian is null at the solution! Anecdote: thas has allowed some ones to get their mathematics doctorate! For my part, I had to content myself of only the congratulations of Russians...

3) Mucipher (for Modulo Undecipherable CIPHER). First publication: Mach 2001 in french, (October 2001 in english). Based on modulo p algebra and some other tricks this fast program produces a cipher that escapes to any cryptanalysis.