Armentières's ENP photos

The Armentières's ENP logo used in mailing:

Airplane view of ENPA:

The entrance

The entrance, viewed from inside:

Various Workshops:

The various things made in the workshops were either tools or machine tools used in other workshops, or things ordered by industrials of the region.

Joinery/model making ...... The models made in this workshop were used in foundry workshop, we made also tools for this workshop, planes, trying planes, etc.

Foundry workshop: The things issued from this workshop were machined by the students in the mechanics workshop.

Mechanics workshop (machine tools, metrology)

Electricity workshop:

Forge workshop:

Boiler making, soldering, thermal treatments workshop:

Other rooms:

Electricity laboratory (outside):

Electricity laboratory (inside):

Industrial drawing room:

Art drawing room:

Cooking room:

The restaurant (outside):

A dormitory:

Other photos:

Lors d'un repas amélioré: ... une table

During a special meal: ... The Colloc's and the Tao

Cent Father : they burn the coffin:

Cent Father's feast: the audience:

Me, with a big general mathematics book discussing with my kind teacher: