My diplomas

- ENPA: ENP Diploma June 1960 ... exiting from the school, everyone could have a job.

- ENS Cachan: Entrance examination section B June 1961 ... Provide equivalence to M.G.P. or M.P.C. General Mathematics and Physics or Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry

    1. Certificate of mathematics and mechanics 1962 (+ mathematics, mechanics, descriptive geometry (quadrics), analytical geometry (used in descriptive geometry)).

    2. Certificate of general construction , 1963

    3. Certificate of applied mechanics, 1963 (Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Strength of materials).

- Blaise Pascal Institute (IBP)

Programming Technology , June 1965


Diplomas: Cycle A: Physics applied to electronics 1977

Diploma DPCT Electronics 1978

Cycle B: Impulses Electronics 1979

Cycle B: Working and entreprise Organization 1980

Université Rennes 1:

- University Diploma: DU Astronomy 2002